AEP: Getting Started with LoRa

This section only applies to devices with AEP and LoRa. For the MultiConnect Conduit, LoRa cards are typically sold separately.

Before setting up LoRa, your device should be connected and powered up. If not refer to installation information for your device.

  • For MultiConnect Conduit installation, go to Install and Connect Conduit Hardware [the linked post is not published yet].
  • For MultiConnect Conduit Access Point installation, refer to the Quick Starts or User Guides available through MultiConnect Conduit AP
  • For MultiConnect Conduit IP67 Base Station, refer to the Installation Guide for your model, available through MultiConnect Conduit IP67 Base Station

Getting Started with LoRa

  1. Login to the web management interface. Refer to Getting Started with AEP [the linked post is not published yet] if needed.
  2. Access the LoRaWAN Network Settings by going to LoRaWAN > Network Settings on the left sidebar. See LoRaWAN Network Settings for details.
  3. To modify advanced settings, click Show Advanced Settings. For more details, see LoRaWAN Network Settings.
  4. For configuring as a Packet Forwarder, select Packet Forwarder from Mode under LoRa Mode. For more details, see LoRaWAN Network Settings.
  5. Once you have completed your changes. Click Submit.


Setting Up an mDot

  1. Establish a serial connection to the mDot
    1. Connect your PC to the DB9 serial connector on the UDK
    2. Open a terminal session using an application such as TeraTerm with baud rate 115,200
  2. Issue these commands with the same values you set for the gateway:
    • AT+FSB=value (915 NA only | value = frequencySubBand from your LoRa gateway)
    • AT+NI=1,value (value = Network Name for your LoRa gateway)
    • AT+NK=1,value (value = Network Passphrase for your LoRa gateway)
    • AT&W (save settings)
    • ATZ (restart)
  3. Join the network: AT+JOIN
  4. Send data with ACK requested:
    • AT+ACK=1
    • AT+SEND=hello world

screenshot of mDot setup


Next Steps