Conduit mLinux: LoRa Use With Third-Party Devices

The mLinux version of Conduit (MTCDT-xx-210L) supports OTA (over-the-air) joining by third-party LoRa devices as of LoRa Network Server version 0.0.7 (If you need to upgrade, refer to Upgrade LoRa Server & Packet Forwarder).


OTA Join Setup

Configure the following settings in /var/config/lora/lora-network-server.conf:

  • Set network["public"] to true
    • This changes the join response time from 1 to 5 seconds and the sync word from 0×12 to 0×34
    • NOTE: Public mode must also be enabled on mDots in order for them to remain compatible
  • Set network["eui"] to an 8 hex byte value.
  • Set network["key"] to a 16 hex byte value.
  • Save the file
  • Restart the Lora network server: /etc/init.d/lora-network-server restart

Third-party LoRa devices should now be able to join the Conduit’s LoRa network using OTA join. For more information on these settings, refer to Conduit mLinux: Advanced LoRa Configuration.


Manual Join/Activation by Personalization

  • SSH into the Conduit (default IP:, default credentials: root/root)
    # ssh root@
  • Then run this command to start a LoRa server configuration console
    # nc -u localhost 6677
  • Add a node like this
    # node add [DevAddr] [APPEUI] [DEVEUI] [NwkSKey] [AppSKey]



# nc -u localhost 6677
node add 00000005 0011223344556677 8811223344556677 2b7e151628aed2a6abf7158809cf4f3c 2b7e151628aed2a6abf7158809cf4f3c
NOTE (US915): While this should get your sensors working using personalization, you’ll only receive, on average, 1 out of 8 sensor transmissions because your third-party device will be randomly transmitting on 1 of 64 channels, but the Conduit can only listen on 8 channels. The lora["frequencySubBand"] setting on the LoRa config file determines which 8 channels it’ll listen on (1-8, 9-16, …).



Use the following troubleshooting steps to either track down issues on your own or include a capture of the responses/results below in a forum topic or support case.

  • SSH into the Conduit (default IP:, default credentials: root/root)
    # ssh root@
  • Go to the /var/config/lora/ folder and modify the lora-network-server.conf file with the log level set to 100. Save it and issue the following command:
    /etc/init.d/lora-network-server restart
  • Run your test again, then provide the log: /var/log/lora-network-server.log
  • Issue the following command and capture the output:
    /opt/lora/lora-network-server --version
    cat /etc/issue
  • What brand is the mote?
  • What are the mote’s settings and log output?