Conduit IP67 Base Station

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The Conduit® IP67 Base Station (MTCDTIP) allows Conduit users to deploy Conduit gateways in the field.

Important: If migrating from a 220x model to a 266x, 267x, 270x, or 275x model, then update to the firmware supported by the new model:

  • mLinux 3.3.13 or greater
  • AEP 1.4.4 or greater

For additional information on firmware updates, see Downloads.

MTCDTIP-xx-266, MTCDTIP-xx-267 (V1.5 models) and MTCDTIP xx-270, MTCDTIP-xx-275 (V2.1 models)


MTCDTIP-220X Models

Note: The Conduit IP67 Base Station MTCDTIP-220 operating temperature is -30c to +65c.

For an operational definition, usage, and regulatory information, refer to the Conduit.