The API supports a set of special actions using the Command URL ( api/command ). Execute a command using a POST request call method. A RESTful Get request returns an array of all available commands.

Command  Description Parameters
bootloader_console Controls bootloader silent mode
bootloader_lock Controls password authentication to access the device bootloader
call_home_disable Disables call home feature with DeviceHQ
call_home_enable Enables call home feature with DeviceHQ
checkin_to_devicehq Triggers a check-in to DeviceHQ
clean_oem Clears user-defined default configurations from memory and returns the device to
factory default
firmware_check Uploads firmware file to device and checks it
firmware_upgrade Upgrades device firmware Upgrade file
firmware_pre_upgrade Prepares system for firmware upgrade (i.e. shuts down NodeRED)
legacy_sync Synchronizes legacy configurations
restart Restarts device
revert Reverts all changes since the last save
save Saves the current configuration
ddns_update Pushes DDNS information to the configured DDNS server
download_config Downloads the current configuration
loglvl_debug Sets the API’s logging level to DEBUG
loglvl_info Sets the API’s logging level to INFO
loglvl_trace Sets the API’s logging level to TRACE
loglvl_warning Sets the API’s logging level to WARNING
node_red_status Operational status of the Node-RED server
ping Send a set of ICMP pings to an address or URL, interface can be ANY, LAN, WIFI, CELLULAR, or ETHERNET JSON data
passwd Changes or resets admin account login information including username, ID, and password JSON data including aasID (30 character alphanumeric ID), aasMsg (password), and username (see example to change password)
ppp_stop Stop PPPD
ppp_start Start PPPD
ppp_toggle Toggle PPPD
radio_activate Attempts to activate the on-board cellular radio (CDMA only) JSON data
radio_cmd Sends a string directly to the cellular radio, timeout must be in milliseconds JSON data
radio_rfsurvey Performs RF survey of cellular module (may only be available on certain models)
remove_icon Deletes user-supplied icon
remove_image Deletes user-supplied image
remove_logo Deletes user-supplied logo
reset_bluetooth Resets the Bluetooth hardware
reset_modem Resets the cellular radio hardware
reset_wifi Resets the WiFi hardware
restart_node_red Restarts Node-RED server  Not available in MTR
restore_defaults Resets the device to the user-defined default if set, to factory default if not
restore_factory Resets the device to factory default
revert Reverts all changes since the last save
save Saves the current configuration
save_oem Saves current configuration as factory/OEM default
save_restart Saves current configuration and restarts the device
sms_send Send a text to a specified recipient
   "recipients": [
   "message": "Hello world"
telit_check_fota_updates Get information on Telit Radio Firmware Upgrade Default FTP server link
telit_fota_upgrade Starts Telit radio firmware upgrade Upgrade file
telit_upgrade Initiates Telit radio firmware upgrade (POST Telit upgrade bin) Upgrade file
upload_config Uploads and sets new configuration Configuration file
upload_icon Uploads and sets new icon Icon file
upload_image Uploads and sets new imagetel Image file
upload_logo Uploads and sets new logo Logo file