The API supports a set of special actions using the Command URL ( api/command ). Execute a command using a POST request call method. A RESTful Get request returns an array of all available commands.

Command  Description Parameters
checkin_to_devicehq Triggers a check-in to DeviceHQ
firmware_upgrade Upgrades device firmware Upgrade file
firmware_pre_upgrade Prepares system for firmware upgrade (i.e. shuts down NodeRED)
legacy_sync Synchronizes legacy configurations
restart Restarts device
revert Reverts all changes since the last save
save Saves the current configuration
ddns_update Pushes DDNS information to the configured DDNS server
download_config Downloads the current configuration
loglvl_debug Sets the API’s logging level to DEBUG
loglvl_info Sets the API’s logging level to INFO
loglvl_trace Sets the API’s logging level to TRACE
loglvl_warning Sets the API’s logging level to WARNING
ping Send a set of ICMP pings to an address or URL, interface can be ANY, LAN, WIFI, CELLULAR, or ETHERNET JSON data
ppp_stop Stop PPPD
ppp_start Start PPPD
ppp_toggle Toggle PPPD
radio_activate Attempts to activate the on-board cellular radio (CDMA only) JSON data
radio_cmd Sends a string directly to the cellular radio, timeout must be in milliseconds JSON data
radio_rfsurvey Performs RF survey of cellular module (may only be available on certain models)
remove_icon Deletes user-supplied icon
remove_image Deletes user-supplied image
remove_logo Deletes user-supplied logo
reset_bluetooth Resets the Bluetooth hardware
reset_modem Resets the cellular radio hardware
reset_wifi Resets the WiFi hardware
restore_defaults Resets the device to the user-defined default if set, to factory default if not
restore_factory Resets the device to factory default
clean_oem Clears user-defined default configurations from memory and returns the device to factory default
save_oem Saves current configuration as factory/OEM default
save_restart Saves current configuration and restarts the device
sms_send Send a text to a specified recipient
   "recipients": [
   "message": "Hello world"
telit_upgrade Upgrades the Telit radio firmware Upgrade file
upload_config Uploads and sets new configuration Configuration file
upload_icon Uploads and sets new icon Icon file
upload_image Uploads and sets new image Image file
upload_logo Uploads and sets new logo Logo file