Start Cell Connection on Boot

Automatically starting pppd on boot requires: (1) setting the peer file to use and (2) telling the system to run the ppp init script on boot.

Set Peer File

  1. Issue ls /etc/ppp/peers to see the available peers files (gsm, cdma, etc.)
  2. Edit /etc/ppp/ppp_on_boot (with vi or sudo) and change
    $PPPD call provider

    to your desired provider (gsm or lvw2)

    $PPPD call gsm
  3. Assuming you’ve already set your APN (except for CDMA and LVW2), manually start the init script and check your internet connection to test your change to ppp_on_boot
    mtcdt: /etc/init.d/ppp start

Set Init Script to Auto Start

  1. Issue this command:
    mtcdt: update-rc.d ppp defaults
  2. Reboot the device and test your connection
  3. To stop ppp from automatically starting, issue
    mtcdt: update-rc.d -f ppp remove