LSP device (Sprint LTE) activation

NOTE: This section applies to Sprint LTE devices (such as MTCAP-LSP models).

After establishing an account and installing your SIM into your device, Sprint LTE devices use Over-The-Air (OTA) Activation (otherwise known as OMADM) to automatically register your SIM to their network. Here’s how to check your APN and PDP context:

  1. Allow the system to set the APN value with Sprint’s Over-The-Air update (OMADM). Do not attempt to set the APN on your own.
  2. Check the APN value using this command:


    Example output:

    LTE Engineering:

    IMSI: "310120052249249"
    State: idle
    PLMN ID: 310 120
    PCI: 121
    Band: 25
    UL channel:
    DL channel:  8109
    RSRP: -93dBm
    RSRQ: -12dB
    RS-SINR: 146dB
    RSRP: -93dBm
    RSRQ: -12dB
    RS-SINR: 146dB
    Tx Pwr:
    IP - internet:
    IP - ota:
    Error: 36|
    APN: internet: cc.m2m.ispsn  (***Data APN value is here after internet:****)
    OTA : otasn


    Technology: LTE
    1x Diversity: Not Supported
    EVDO Diversity: Not Supported
    QLIC: Not Supported
    PRL: Not Supported
    Chipset: MDM9607
    AMSS Version: LE.1.0.1
    Device Version: 25.00.246
    HW Version: 35
    Data Status
    IP Address (EVDO): Not Supported
    1X: Not Supported
    Last Error Code: Not Supported


    The output includes the Data APN after APN: internet: . Make a note of this value as you need it for next step.

  4. Issue the following command to view PDP Contexts:


    Example output #1:

    +CGDCONT: 1,"IP","otasn","",0,0,0,0
    +CGDCONT: 2,"IP","cc.m2m.ispsn","",0,0,0,0
    +CGDCONT: 3,"IPV4V6","","",0,0,0,0
    +CGDCONT: 4,"IPV4V6","ims","",0,0,0,0

    Example output #2:

    mtcap:/tmp # microcom /dev/modem_at1
    +CGDCONT: 1,"IP","otasn","",0,0,0,0
    +CGDCONT: 3,"IPV4V6","n.ispsn","",0,0,0,0
    +CGDCONT: 5,"IPV4V6","ims","",0,0,0,0

  6. The PDP context in AT+CGDCONT? response matching the APN indicated in AT$DEBUG response should be used for data connection attempts. For example #1, cc.m2m.ispsn appears in AT$DEBUG output and in PDP context 2 output as illustrated. Therefore, in the first example, PDP context 2 would be used for data connection establishment. In example #2, you would use PDP context 3 instead.

    AT#SGACT=2,1                           If using module internal IP stack

    AT*99***2#                             If using external IP stack


    We do not recommend setting APN values manually via AT command or having your host system application automatically/repeatedly set APN values. We recommend allowing APN values to be populated automatically OTA by Sprint to correct values for the account.