Conduit mLinux: Getting Started with LoRa

For Conduit MTCDT-x-210L models only

These instructions require the following firmware versions or later:


Setting up the Conduit

  1. Install the LoRa mCard. Refer to Installing an mCard Accessory Card.
  2. Attach the LoRa antenna to the LoRa mCard.
  3. Use the power cable to connect power to the Conduit and wait for the Conduit to boot up.
  4. Login to the console. Refer to Getting Started with mLinux if needed.
  5. Issue these commands on the Conduit:
    $ mkdir /var/config/lora
    $ cp /opt/lora/lora-network-server.conf.sample /var/config/lora/lora-network-server.conf
  6. Edit /var/config/lora/lora-network-server.conf and modify these settings as needed (use vi or nano). For advanced LoRa settings, go to Conduit mLinux: Advanced LoRa Configuration
    Field MTAC-LORA-915 (NA & AU) MTAC-LORA-868 (EU)
    lora["frequencyBand"]: “915″ “868″
    lora["channelPlan"]: “US915″, or “AU915″       “EU868″
    lora["frequencySubBand"]: (integer: 1 to 8) Not applicable
    lora["frequencyEU"]: Not applicable default: 869500000
    range: [863500000 - 867500000]
    and [869100000 - 869500000]
    network["name"]: Name of your LoRa network (string, 8-char min, case sensitive)
    network["passphrase"]: Security passphrase for your LoRa network (string, 8-char min, case sensitive)
    network["public"]: Enable to use public SyncWord (0×34) and join windows of 5 and 6 seconds.
  7. Restart the network server.
    $ /etc/init.d/lora-network-server restart
  8. Start mosquitto client:
    $ mosquitto_sub -t lora/+/+ -v


Setting Up the mDot

  1. Establish a serial connection to the mDot
    1. Connect your PC to the DB9 serial connector on the UDK
    2. Open a terminal session using an application such as TeraTerm with baud rate 115,200
  2. Issue these commands with the same values you set for the Conduit:
    • AT+FSB=value (915 NA only | value = frequencySubBand from your Conduit)
    • AT+NI=1,value (value = Network Name for your Conduit)
    • AT+NK=1,value (value = Network Passphrase for your Conduit)
    • AT&W (save settings)
    • ATZ (restart)
  3. Join the network: AT+JOIN
  4. Send data with ACK requested:
    • AT+ACK=1
    • AT+SEND=hello world

screenshot of mDot setup


Next Steps