Device Startup

The device requires a gateway and must first join it to execute functions. In order to
join, the gateway and the device must match configurations (network type, network name, network
pass phrase, frequency band [not configurable, either 915 or 868 mHz], and  frequency
sub band).

Visit the Configuration Mode page for details on changing the device settings:

To start up the device:

  1. Power on the device using the switch on the left side.
    • The screen displays the MultiTech logo and product name. The
      LED1 (EVB: Top) flashes green then turns red.
    • The software performs a GPS detect and lock (this may take a few
      minutes). If no GPS is detected, the blue LED2 (EVB: Bottom)  remains off. If a
      GPS unit is detected, LED2 flashes until GPS locks and then LED2 stays on.
    • The screen displays the product name and Select Mode with the
      following menu options:

      • Survey Single: A single link check transaction with
        the gateway. The device sends a request message to the
        gateway and the gateway returns a response.
      • Survey Sweep: A series of Survey Single operations
        across a range of data rate and TX power combinations.
      • Survey GPS: Survey GPS mode provides temperature and GPS
        location data (if available) on screen in real time and also sends
        this data to the gateway based on a selected interval.
      • LoRa demo: LoRa Demo Mode demonstrates typical device
        usage. Sensor data is gathered and updated in real time. The
        device sends the sensor data to the gateway periodically or
        on a button press, depending on the mode selected. See
        Internal Sensors
        for details.
      • Configuration: Modify the device settings using AT
        commands. See Configuration Mode for details.
  2. To scroll through the menu options, push the SW2 (EVB: Left) button (labeled
    Scroll) to move the selection arrow =>.
  3. To select a menu option, push the SW1 (EVB: Right) button (labeled Select) when the
    selection arrow is on your desired option.