DeviceHQ® is a cloud-based device management tool. Use it to remotely monitor, upgrade, and configure your devices. It includes an application marketplace, allowing you to browse applications or build your own.

Creating a DeviceHQ Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click Register Account.
  3. Complete the registration form and click Create Account.

MultiTech sends an account key that you program into your devices.


In addition to the DeviceHQ help file:

  • DeviceHQ Deployment Guide: Explains how to deploy multiple devices using DeviceHQ. This includes scheduling configuration, app downloads, adding apps to the app list, and registering for the following devices: Conduit, IP67 Base Station, Conduit AP, and rCell 100 Series.
  • DeviceHQ Deployment Guide for MTR5 and MTE Devices: Explains using DeviceHQ to schedule firmware and configuration updates and manage the following MultiConnect devices: rCell 500 Series and eCell.
  • DeviceHQ Developer User Guide: Explains how to develop, upload, update, and configure Node-RED apps.
  • Creating a Custom Application: Instructions for creating and running custom applications that you can manage through DeviceHQ.

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