LoRa Card Notes:

MTAC-LORA with SPI interface require the following minimal versions:
SPI Card Product IDs

    • MTAC-LORA-H-915
    • MTAC-LORA-H-868

Required Firmware Versions

  • AEP 1.4.3
  • mLinux 3.3.9 or greater

Do not install the MTAC-LORA-H card in the Conduit until the Conduit is verified to have at least the above firmware versions or else the Conduit may fail to power up successfully.

Conduit: mPower Model w/Node-RED (MTCDT or MTCDTIP-x-2xxA)

Firmware Files: (Changelog | Upgrade Instructions [the linked post is not published yet])


Conduit Access Point: mPower Model (MTCAP)


Conduit: mLinux Model

Source Tarballs: (Changelog | Upgrade Instructions)

Other Downloads:


LoRaWAN Downloads

Dependencies for Lora Network Server Versions

mPower Packages for LoRa Network Server (Changelog | Upgrade Instructions)
IPK updates are sometimes made available between mPower releases. If a new version does not appear below the version included with the mPower release should be used.

(Changelog | Upgrade Instructions)

mLinux Packages for LoRa Network Server
(Changelog | Upgrade Instructions)

  • mLinux > 5.0.0

mLinux Packages for LoRa Packet Forwarder
See mLinux feeds for IPK, found in mtcdt directory