LoRa Card Notes:

MTAC-LORA with SPI interface require the following minimal versions:
SPI Card Product IDs

    • MTAC-LORA-H-915
    • MTAC-LORA-H-868

Required Firmware Versions

  • AEP 1.4.3
  • mLinux 3.3.9 or greater

Do not install the MTAC-LORA-H card in the Conduit until the Conduit is verified to have at least the above firmware versions or else the Conduit may fail to power up successfully.

Conduit: mPower Models (MTCDT-X-2XXA or MTCDTIP-x-2xxA)

Firmware Files: (Changelog | See mPower software guide for upgrade instructions

Conduit Access Point and Conduit IP67 200 Series: mPower Models (MTCAP and MTCDTIP2)

Conduit: mLinux Model

MTCDT Commissioning Image:(Changelog | Upgrade Instructions)

Source Tarballs: (Changelog | Upgrade Instructions)

Other Downloads:

LoRaWAN Downloads

Dependencies for Lora Network Server Versions

mPower Packages for LoRa Network Server (Changelog | Upgrade Instructions)
IPK updates are sometimes made available between mPower releases. If a new version does not appear below the version included with the mPower release should be used.

(Changelog | Upgrade Instructions)

mLinux Packages for LoRa Network Server
(Changelog | Upgrade Instructions)

  • mLinux > 5.0.0

mLinux Packages for LoRa Packet Forwarder
See mLinux feeds for IPK, found in mtcdt directory

Packages for 2.4G LoRa Packet Forwarder

Packages for LoRa Basic Station

Conduit: mLinux Model with Redpine Wi-Fi

If you need to download this mLinux version with the Redpine drivers:
If you need to download this mLinux version with the Redpine drivers:

1. Create a support case with the relevant information at including:

a. Select Other in the Service Requested drop-down.
b. Select the closest MTCDT or MTCDTIP model to what you have in the Product drop-down (must be a model that ends in 247L or 267L).
c. In the Subject field, enter Request for Redpine Drivers.
d. Enter a Description of why you are requesting the Redpine drivers.

e. Click on the Save button to submit the form.
2. Our support staff assists you through the rest of the process including obtaining five key files:

a. Source Tarball
b. Redpine Source
c. Base Image
d. Factory Image
e. Pre-built Package

Conduit Platform L4E1 Cellular Radio Firmware

(Instructions for specific Cellular modems)

xDot/mDot Firmware

Release and Beta Firmware:


AT Command Firmware:


AT Command Firmware:

xDot-DK Interface Firmware:


Useful tips and links:

mDot 2.x Libraries for mbed 5.x/mbed-os:

xDot 2.x Libraries for mbed 5.x/mbed-os:

mDot 0.x and 1.x Libraries for mbed 2.0/mbed Classic:


Factory Firmware: (Upgrade Instructions)


AT Passthrough Firmware:

Dragonfly Nano

AT Passthrough Firmware:


Release notes

Source Tarballs:

Other Downloads: