Description: Local Area Network (LAN) interface statistics : OBJECT

Element Type Description
ip STRING the ip address  assigned  to this interface
mask STRING IP mask (default:
publicIpMask STRING public IP Mask (default:
object flags OBJECT Various flags from ifconfig output
    all_multi BOOLEAN
    broadcast BOOLEAN Supports broadcasting
    dynamic BOOLEAN
    loopback BOOLEAN Loopback mode
    lower_up BOOLEAN
    multicast BOOLEAN Supports multicasting
    no_arp BOOLEAN
    point_to_point BOOLEAN
    promisc BOOLEAN
    up BOOLEAN Kernel modules loaded
mtu STRING maximum  transmission unit  in bytes
rx OBJECT statistics on local area  network  received bytes
    bytes STRING number  of received bytes
    dropped STRING number  of received byte  drops
    errors STRING number  of received byte  errors
    frame STRING number  of received frames
    overruns STRING number  of received overruns
    packets STRING number  of received packets
tx OBJECT statistics on local area  network  transmitted bytes
    bytes STRING number  of transmitted bytes
    carrier STRING number  of transmitted carriers
    collisions STRING number  of transmitted  collisions
    dropped STRING number  of transmitted drops
    errors STRING number  of transmitted errors
    overruns STRING number  of transmitted overruns
    packets STRING number  of transmitted packets
    queueLength STRING number  of packets  that can be queued  for transmission