5.0.0-MTR-BETA Release Notes

5.0.0-MTR-BETA (04-08-2019)


  • Web UI Server: Updates to secure the server process and it’s handling of connections and requests.
  • Radio Reboot: Feature to be used with discretion that will reboot the radio after either all the back-off timers have been exercised in ppp to connect or the ping check has failed for approximately two hours.
  • GPS Subsystem Re-architecture: The mechanisms for getting GPS data have been updated to support multiple consumers on the device.
  • Enable DoS Prevention, Ping Limit, and Brute Force Prevention features by default.
  • Bootloader Password Protection: Configuring a password for u-boot is now supported.
  • Enabling and Disabling of the debug console output is now supported.
  • SSH access is now disable by default.
  • OpenVPN has been upgraded to version 2.4.6.
  • StrongSwan has been upgraded to version 5.7.2.
  • Enabling bi-directional SSL authentication to the Web UI is now supported.
  • Management and configuration of network interfaces has been enhanced.
  • Configuration of DNS has been enhanced.
  • Configuration of DHCP has been enhanced.
  • The SNMP MIB has been updated and re-designed.
  • Cipher suite configuration: HTTPS (Web UI), SSH, and IPSec tunnels now support configuration of different ciphers.
  • The Linux Kernel has been upgraded to version 4.9