mLinux Changelog

3.3.15 (2017-10-30)

Changes since 3.3.13

  • Lora Network Server 1.0.43-r1.0.
  • Lora Packet Forwarder 3.1.0-r10.0.
  • adjust the MTAC_LORA_1_0 default min/max US915 frequencies
  • update 1.0 MTAC-LORA default global_conf.json file for consistency sake
  • MTAC_LORA 1.5 US915. Default frequency offset for DR4 channel was misconfigured
  • update global_conf.json file for +13dBm output according to Japan certification testing
  • Bluez4 Blueborne fix 4.101-r10.m1.0
  • Bluetooth kernel module Blueborne fix, kernel-module-bluetooth 3.12.27-r14.2, srcversion: A663C5831F3BBA8C48735E5
  • gpsd script could cause hang in ntpd start-up, gpsd-conf 3.16-m4.0
  • /etc/init.d/umountfs allows for package updates rather than just image replacement, mlinux-scripts 1.1-r3.0
  • Lora eprom burning tool, mts-fpga-loader, for mtcdt, mts-id-eeprom 0.3.3-r1.0.0

3.3.13 (2017-09-27, revised 2017-10-23)

Features since 3.3.9

  • Remove radio reset from MTCAP units with no cellular radio.
  • Support for MTCDTID harware version
  • Support for LNA3 radio option
  • Support for Netfilter TEE available in kernel module xt_TEE.ko.
  • ppp waits for SIM registration before starting. See

  • International dialing support in sms-utils
  • When umountfs attempts an upgrade, first clean up /var/volatile of unneeded files
  • New Lora calibration data in /opt/lora/global_conf.json.MTCAP_LORA_1_5.US915.

Known Issues

When building an upgrade file for MTCDTIP, you must update the model file after the build.

cd /tmp
mkdir mlinux-3.3.13
cd mlinux-3.3.13
tar -xf ~/Downloads/mlinux-base-image-mtcdt-upgrade-withboot.bin
sed -i 's/mtcdt/mtcdt|mtcdtip/' model
tar -cf /tmp/mlinux-base-image-mtcdt-upgrade-withboot.bin *

3.3.9 (2017-08-10)

Features since 3.3.7

  • gethostbyname memory leak fix — libc6_2.19-r0.m1.0
  • MTCAP had an unusual password in 3.3.7. Set to root in 3.3.9
  • New Lora software related to support for Japan
    • Lora-gateway from 4.0.1-r9.0 to 4.1.3-r10.0
    • Lora-network-server from 1.0.26-r1.0 to 1.0.36-r1.0
    • Lora-packet-forwarder from 3.0.0-r9.0 to 3.1.0-r9.0

3.3.7 (2017-06-26)


  • Support for LJP1 (LE866) Radio (Japan)
  • Support for LJP1 (LE910-JN1) (Japan)
  • Support for LNA3 (LE910-NA1)


  • OPEN SSL Version 3 Support added for Python. New SSL package is openssl – 1.0.2k-bpo8.1m2.0
  • GPSD no longer will start if the GPS capability flag is not set by the MTS-IO driver.
  • When starting GPSD, a maximum of 20 seconds is allowed for changing the baud rate of the GPS. This will allow the boot to proceed if a baud rate change is not possible.
  • Eliminated setserial command invocation from udev which was producing error messages and not needed.
  • Bootstrap patch borrowed from MTR to lessen the likelihood of the Real Time Clock preventing boot when operating with a battery.
  • Build change: source control for 3.x.y above 3.3.6 was moved to git 3 branch from master. This was to prepare for mLinux release 4.0

See also

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3.3.6 (2017-04-21)


  • lora-network-server is at level 1.0.26.
  • Upgraded to openssl 1.0.2k-1~bpo8+1 from Debian backports to be compatible with mLinux 3.1 and 3.2 and provides security enhancements.
  • GPSD support for leap second on Conduits with GPS receiver feature.
  • NTPD starts by default if the GPS has a position fix. NTPD adjusts the system clock and sets the hardware clock.
  • To disable GPSD, set parameter /etc/default/gpsd: ENABLED="no". Reboot.
  • To disable NTPD, set parameter /etc/default/ntpd: ENABLED="no". Reboot.
  • To disable GPS requirement for NTP, set /etc/default/ntpd: GPSD_REQUIRED=0.
  • To check GPSD when it is running, type gpsmon.
  • Ethernet Bonding feature added.

Known Issues

  • Lora only supports 915MHz, 868MHz, and AU915MHz channel plans.

See also

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3.2.0 (2016-05-18)


  • Updated openembedded-core with latest security fixes from Yocto 1.6
  • Fixed monit building issue with 3.1.0
  • lora-network-server 1.0.8
  • Added support for LTE radio models: LVW2, LEU1, LAT1
  • mts-io 1.1.4 — fix possible kernel crash in driver
  • node.js 0.10.44
  • Added strongswan to images
  • Fix sms bugs where some characters wouldn’t be sent or received correctly

Known Issues

  • Will not build on Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 with kernel 4+

3.1.0 (2015-05-27)

  • First official release!