Bluetooth – AEP

This feature is only available on certain products and models (not available with all devices).

Bluetooth Classic allows your device to connect to a set of configured Bluetooth devices. It also listens on ports on the WAN side so clients can send data to and receive data from the Bluetooth devices.

NOTE: If you already enabled both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), you cannot enable Wi-Fi as WAN.

  1. Go to Wireless > Bluetooth Classic >Bluetooth and check the Enabled box. The system shows the current status of the Bluetooth connection to the right of the box.
  2. In order for the system to start scanning properly for available devices, you must click Save and Restart. Then return to Bluetooth Classic after device reboot to find available devices.
  3. Under the Available Devices, the detected Bluetooth devices appear.
  4. To choose a device from the Available Devices, click on the name of the device and check the box next to the desired device. Your selected device appears under Selected Device, showing the Name and MAC Address.
  5. If you do not see your device, click Add Device. Enter the Name and MAC Address of the device you want to add.
  6. Click Finish. The saved device appears under Available Devices.
  7. Under IP Pipe, select the Mode from the drop-down including SERVER or CLIENT.
  8. Enter additional details about the IP Pipe including:
    a. Protocol - Select from the drop-down either TCP or UDP.
    b. Server Port
    c. Connection Termination - Select from the drop-down including ALWAYS-ON, TIMEOUT or SEQUENCE 
  9. Click Submit and Save and Restart to save your changes.

You may also restart Bluetooth by clicking Reset Bluetooth in the lower left corner of the Settings section.