Remote Management

The device connects to DeviceHQTM through an annex client. The Remote Management screen is used to configure the annex client for connecting to the  DeviceHQ device server in order to receive downloads of firmware upgrades, configuration upgrades, and applications, and for uploading status information.

The following tables describe the fields in each pane of the Remote Management screen.

Remote Server

Item Default
Enabled Disabled (unchecked) Enables remote check-in by annex client.
SSL Enabled Enabled (checked) Enables or disables check-in over SSL by annex client.
Server Name Device server that annex client checks in with.
Server Port 5798 (SSL enabled), 5799 (SSL disabled) Port that the annex client checks in on the DeviceHQ device
Account Key blank This field is either automatically set by the Call Home functionality
or set manually by the developer.

Auto Update Settings

Item Default
Check-in Interval 720 minutes Number of minutes between check-ins to the DeviceHQ
device server.
Sync with Dial-On-Demand Disabled (unchecked) If enabled, the annex client attempts to sync with Dial-On-Demand
over PPP, attempting to check in when PPP is dialed out.
Allow Firmware Upgrade Enabled (checked) Allows firmware upgrades to be downloaded from DeviceHQ.
Allow Configuration Upgrade Enabled (checked) Allows configuration upgrades to be downloaded from DeviceHQ.
Allow Configuration Upload Enabled (checked) Allows configuration file to be uploaded to DeviceHQ.
Allow Radio Firmware Upgrade Enabled (checked) Allows radio firmware upgrades to be downloaded from DeviceHQ.
GPS Data Interval 720 minutes Numbers of minutes between updates of GPS data

DeviceHQ App Server

Item Default
App Store URL The URL that the Call Home functionality uses to automatically
get the Account Key. The device also uses this URL to
upload and download applications.

Current Status

Item Default
Current Time N/A Current time according to the device clock.
Last Check-In N/A Date and time that the device last successfully checked in
to DeviceHQ.
Next Check-In N/A Date and time that the device tries to check in next.