LoRaWAN End Devices

This section allows users to add new end-devices. To add a new end-device:

1. Go to LoRaWAN > Devices.

2. Under End Devices, click Add New.

3. Enter the following fields:

a. Dev EUI – the end-device EUI (Extended Unique Identifier)
b. Name – the name of the end-device
c. Class – LoRaWAN operating class of end-device. Is communicated to network server on Join. The end-device must be configured out-of-band for operating class. A or C are currently supported. (A, B, or C).
d. Serial Number – Serial number of end-device
e. Product ID – Product ID for end-device
f. Hardware Version – Hardware version for the end-device
g. Firmware Version – Firmware version for the end-device
h. LoRaWAN Version – Software version for LoRaWAN server

4. Click Finish.

5. The new end-device displays under the End Devices list including some device details and statistics.

6. To edit the device, click the pencil icon, or to delete it, click the x icon next to that device.