Key Management


To manage keys/credential information, go to LoRaWAN > Key Management. For Local Network Settings, after you change any of these settings (other than Add New), click Submit. Then, click Save and Restart to save your changes.

Add End Device Credentials

In order to use this section, you must click on Add New to add a new end-device credentials.

Item Default Value Description
Dev EUI N/A Enter Device EUI.
App EUI N/A Enter App EUI.
App Key N/A Enter App Key.
Class A Select Device Class from A, B, or C.

Once you enter the above values, click Finish. Your saved end-device information displays under the Local End-Device Credentials.



Item Default Value Description
Join Server URL Join Server address. (You can verify join server by clicking Test button.)
Enable LENS API Disabled (Unchecked) Enable LENS API to use LENS portal to manage LoRaWAN network.
Network Stats Enabled Send periodic network stats to LENS servers.
Packet Metadata Enabled Send metadata on uplink and downlink packets to LENS servers.
Gateway Stats Enabled Send periodic gateway stats to LENS servers.
Local Join Metadata Enabled Send metadata from local join requests to LENS servers.
Gateway EUI N/A Gateway EUI (Extended Unique Identifier)
UUID N/A Universally Unique Identifier (128-bit ID)
Serial Number N/A Device serial number

License Info

Item Default Value Description
License Installed NO Whether license is installed.
License Valid NO Whether license is valid.
Max Keys 100 Maximum number of keys allowed
Max Gateways 2 Maximum number of gateways allowed.
Max Devices 100 Maximum number of devices allowed
Upload License N/A Click Choose File to browse for the license file and click Upload License to upload it.


Local Network Settings

Item Default Value Description
Enabled Checked (enabled) Enable or disable Local Network Settings.
Network ID (AppEUI) Name Choose from local application network ID or App EUI.
Name Uses local device name. Gateway device name.
Network Key (AppKey) Passphrase Choose Network Key from Passphrase or Key.
Passphrase N/A Enter Passphrase if used.