Firmware Upgrade OTA


The device offers the option for a Firmware Upgrade Over the Air (OTA) using your LoRaWAN network. To use this feature, you must properly configure your LoRa network and end-devices (must be joined to the network). You may set a countdown for an immediate update or schedule the upgrade for a specific time. You can also update multiple devices on your LoRa network.

To perform the Firmware Upgrade OTA:

  1. Go to LoRaWAN > Firmware Upgrade OTA.
  2. Click Browse and select your firmware upgrade file (.bin).
  3. You have the option to specify a Setup Time In.Setup time specifies how long from the time scheduled before the Multicast Setup Process begins. Under Setup Time Input from the drop-down, select either:

    a.  Countdown to Setup from Now:  Enter Number of Days plus hours, minutes and seconds in HH:MM:SS (default: 30 seconds) OR
    b.  Specify Future Date and Time: Select your desired Date and Time.

  4. Otherwise, click Hide to hide Setup Time Input details. Click Change to show and modify.
  5. You have the option to specify a Launch Time In. Launch time specifies how long the Multicast Process runs before starting firmware transmission. Under Launch Time Input from drop-down, select either:

    a.  Countdown to Launch from Setup:  Enter Number of Days plus hours, minutes and seconds in HH:MM:SS (default: 90 seconds) OR
    b.  Specify Future Date and Time: Select your desired Date and Time.

  6. Choose the desired device(s) from the End Device Selection list to receive the upgrade. Check the box under Selected to designate a device for upgrade. You can also check Select/Deselect All to select or deselect all devices.
  7. Under Mulitcast EUI Selection, the current multicast EUI is shown. To modify this parameter, enter another EUI under Change Multicast EUI. Click Apply.
  8. Click Schedule Upgrade to finalize your OTA update.
  9. Once the scheduled upgrade is submitted, you can track its progress through the Progress tab. A progress bar appears at the top of the page. The progress bar shows the transfer

    of the file from the PC to the device. Once completed, the page switches to the Progress tab. The job displays in either Scheduled, Active, or Completed Jobs lists depending

    on the job phase and timing.