Generating a Configuration File

Use this procedure to create a Conduit configuration file and upload it to DeviceHQ to use when deploying additional Conduits.

  1. If you have not done so, install, connect, and configure a Conduit. Typical configuration includes the cellular connection*, accessory cards, remote management settings, and the firewall. For help, refer to Getting Started with AEP.
  2. Download the configuration file to your computer. To do this go to Administration > Save/Restore, and click Save for Save Configuration to File. (The downloaded file format is .tar.gz.)
  3. Log into DeviceHQ. If you do not have a DeviceHQ account or need DeviceHQ help, refer to DeviceHQ.
  4. Click Files.
  5. Under All Configuration files, click New Configuration.
  6. Select the Account you want associated with this configuration file. By default, this is the account associated with your user login.
  7. Enter a Name and Description for the configuration file
  8. Click Choose File and select the file you downloaded.
  9. Click Upload. The new configuration file appears in the All Configuration Files list.

* Not included with MTCDT-210A (No Radio version)