The Conduit API supports collecting dynamic system data through its statistics URL. This data is read-only. Every call actively collects the latest data associated with the selected stats element. For a list of pollable options, use a GET request onĀ https://[conduit_ip]/api/stats.

Statistic Group Description
dns Current DNS servers
eth0 Current Ethernet state
eth0History Ethernet statistics history
eth0Total Ethernet statistics summary
eth1 Current Ethernet state
eth1History Ethernet statistics history
eth1Total Ethernet statistics summary
eth2 Current Ethernet state
eth2History Ethernet statistics history
eth2Total Ethernet statistics summary
gps GPS NMEA and statistics
gre GRE tunnel statistics
ipsec IPsec interface statistics
lan0 Local Area Network statistics
ppp PPP statistics
pppHistory PPP statistics history
pppTotal PPP statistics summary
radio Statistics and information about the cellular radio
serial Serial port statistics
service Various service status
status Important system events
wlan0 Wi-Fi statistics
wlan0History Wi-Fi statistics history
wlan0Total Wi-Fi statistics summary
wlan1 Wi-Fi statistics
wlan1History Wi-Fi statistics history
wlan1Total Wi-Fi statistics summary