system – Conduit

Description : system attributes : OBJECT

Element Type Description
deviceName STRING configured name of device
oemId STRING configurable device id
accessoryCards ARRAY Specifies the list of installed accessory cards
firstTimeSetup BOOL true if this is first run of device or has been reset to defaults
macAddress STRING mac address of ethernet port
macBluetooth STRING mac address of bluetooth module
datetime STRING current system date and time
dbDirty BOOL true if is database in dirty state
radio OBJECT radio model number and type
    code STRING radio model code number, H5, H6, EV3, C2, G3, LAT1, VW2 or LEU1
    type STRING type of radio, GSM or CMDA
    carrier STRING current carrier providing cellular connectivity
macWifi STRING mac address of wifi module
vendorId STRING Multi-Tech Systems
uptime STRING time unit has been running
date STRING current system date
uuid STRING uuid
firmware STRING firmware version
capabilities OBJECT hardware capabilites
    din BOOL true if device supports digital inputs, otherwise false
    rs485 BOOL true if device supports RS-485 interface, otherwise false
    dout BOOL true if device supports digital outputs, otherwise false
    wifi BOOL true if device supports wifi, otherwise false
    loraNetworkServer BOOL true if loraNetworkServer is installed, otherwise false
    bluetooth BOOL true if device supports bluetooth, otherwise false
    cell BOOL true if device supports cellular, otherwise false
    rs422 BOOL true if device supports RS-422 interface, otherwise false
    adc BOOL true if device supports analog inputs, otherwise false
    gpio BOOL true if device supports GPIO, otherwise false
    serial BOOL true if device supports external serial port, otherwise false
    rs232 BOOL true if device supports RS-232 interface, otherwise false
    lora BOOL true if device supports LoRa, otherwise false
    nodeRed BOOL true if NodeRed server is installed, otherwise false
    gps BOOL true if device supports gps, otherwise false
memory OBJECT current memory stats
firmwareDate STRING firmware built date
imsi STRING international mobile subscriber identity
productId STRING product id
hardwareVersion STRING hardware version of device
permission STRING authorization level of the current user
webTitle STRING configurable title to display in browser
cmdtty STRING tty device to access used to issue at commands to radio
deviceId STRING device id
ppptty STRING tty device used by ppp to make connections
imei STRING international mobile station equipment identity
restartNeeded BOOL true if settings have been changed and a restart is needed to reflect those changes in services
defaultDeviceName STRING default name of device
mode STRING system level mode of the device (default:ROUTER)
time STRING current system time of device
user STRING current logged in user