Description: list of current end-device sessions : ARRAY

Element Type Description
     adr_ack_delay INT delay setting for ADR decay, LW11
     adr_ack_limit INT limit setting for ADR decay, LW11
     app_down_counter INT 32-bit application downlink counter, LW11
     app_senc_key STRING application session encryption key
     appeui STRING application EUI
     channel_mask STRING bit-mask of enabled channels
     created_at STRING UTC time session was created
     dev_addr STRING 32-bit device address
     last_seen STRING UTC timestamp of last gateway contact
     deveui STRING device EUI
     downlink_channels STRING list of downlink channel indexes and frequencies
     downlink_dwell_time INT configures the allowed length of downlinks
     fnwk_sint_key STRING network session integrity key for MIC
     joineui STRING join EUI sent in Join Request
     js_enc_key STRING join server encryption key, LW11
     js_int_key STRING join server integrity key, LW11
     last_seen STRING UTC time device was last seen
     max_duty_cycle INT max duty cycle for end-device
     max_eirp INT max transmit power for end-device in dBm
     net_id STRING 32-bit network downlink counter
     nwk_down_counter INT count of total uplink packets reported by packet forwarder
     nwk_senc_key STRING network session encryption key, LW11
     ping_slot_datarate INT class B slot downlink datarate
     ping_slot_frequency FLOAT class B slot downlink frequency in MHz
     ping_slot_periodicity INT class B slot downlink period
     redundancy INT number of repeats for unconfirmed uplinks
     remote_join BOOL true if end-device was joined through cloud join server
     uplinks_ok INT count of uplink packets accepted, recorded by network server
     rx1_datarate_offset INT datarate offset for first Rx window
     rx1_delay INT delay in seconds of first Rx window
     rx2_datarate_index INT datarate index of second Rx window
     rx2_frequency FLOAT frequency of seconds Rx window in MHz
     snwk_sint_key STRING network session integrity key, LW11
     status_battery INT battery level from end-device status request
     status_snr FLOAT SNR from end-device status request
     tx_datarate INT ADR datarate
     tx_power INT ADR transmit power
     up_counter INT 32-bit uplink counter
     uplink_dwell_time INT configures the allowed length of uplinks
PUT update a field
     /api/lora/sessions/<EUI> {
“up_counter” : 1
POST create a new session
     required fields {
DELETE remove a session