Description : Current running configuration of LoRa network: OBJECT (additional non-configurable runtime fields)

Element Type Description
license OBJECT license file status, device, key and gateway limits
network OBJECT
    appPortUp UINT application port up
    downstreamPort UINT downstream port
    appPortDown UINT application port down
    upstreamPort UINT upstream port
network network details
    eui STRING generated EUI from name field
    key STRING generated Key from passphrase field
    lensEnabled BOOL enable reporting to Lens cloud
packetForwarders ARRAY packet forwarder channel configurations
    channels ARRAY channel configurations
         bandwidth INT bandwidth of channel in Hz
         enabled BOOL true if channel is enabled
         frequency INT frequency of channel in Hz
         spread_factor INT/STRING spreading factor used for LORA mode or FSK
         maxSize INT maximum number of keys that will be searched for DevEUI entry