EVB Package Contents

Your MultiConnect® mDot™ EVB (MTDOT-EVB) includes the following:

Power Source via USB connector to a user-supplied USB power source such as a computer, USB charger, USB hub, or similar device (option for battery power but user must properly wire, connect, and supply battery-see Power Options)
Cables Two cables: 8 Position Flat Programming Cable, USB Power Cable
Feet Four Clear Adhesive Feet or Bump-ons to be attached to the bottom of the board
Device One MultiConnect® mDot™ EVB 2.686″ x 3.180″ board (MTDOT-EVB) includes:

  • Power switch on left side of board
  • 8-pin connector on right side of board (for configuration,
    programming and debugging)
  • LCD display
  • LoRa chip antenna
  • Right and Left buttons (to select modes of operation)
  • LS (Light Sensor)
  • Top or Red/Green LED (red = network not joined, green= network joined)
  • Bottom or Blue LED (no light = no GPS, flashing blue = no GPS lock, blue =
    GPS lock)
  • Internal Sensors (see Internal Sensors for more
  • Reset button
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