Box Package Contents

Your MultiConnect® mDotBox (MTDOT-BOX) includes the following:

Power Supply 1 – Battery, 9V
Cables 1 – 8 Position Flat Programming Cable
Antennas 1 – Dual frequency 868-915 MHz RP-SMA, 8″ antenna (external, manufacturer: Pulse Electronics, MultiTech Part Number: 45009830L)
Device 1 – mDot Box (MTDOT-BOX) 4.61″ x 3.11″ x .94″ Blue and black enclosure enclosure includes:

  • MutliConnect® mDotMicro Developer Kit (MTMDK-ST-MDOT)
  • Power switch on left side of box
  • 8-pin connector on right side of box (for configuration,
    programming and debugging)
  • SMA connector (for external antenna)
  • LCD display
  • SW1 and SW2 buttons (to select modes of operation)
  • LS (Light Sensor)
  • LED1 (red = network not joined, green= network joined)
  • LED2 (no light = no GPS, flashing blue = no GPS lock, blue =
    GPS lock)
  • GPS antenna (internal)
  • Internal Sensors (see Internal Sensors for more
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