EVB Power Options

Refer to the photo under EVB Board Components for exact connection
locations and orientation of the device.

  1. USB Powered: To power up the device out of the box, connect it via
    USB Power Connector to a USB power source such as a computer, USB
    charger or similar device. This connection’s sole purpose is to power the
    device. The USB data lines are not connected. (When using this option, do
    not use the power switch which is for battery/DC power.)
  2. Manually Wired: The device can be wired for user-supplied 5 -12 VDC
    power (either battery or other source). There are two through holes on the
    lower left corner of the device next to the Left button. See
    External Power under Board Components. Below are
    details for the power connections and switch settings :

    • Square pad: ground
    • Round pad: positive voltage
    • Voltage range: 5 – 12 VDC
    • Power Switch (for battery/DC power only)
      Switch Position Power Setting
      Up Off
      Down On

Do not use both power options at the same time.