Resetting the Device

You need:

  • A pin, paperclip, or similar thin object that can fit into the reset hole

The following is the default condition for the RESET button on the Conduit. You can program a change to the behavior of the button if needed.

To reset the device:

  1. Find the hole in the front panel labeled RESET. The reset button is recessed into the case.
  2. Use the pin to quickly press and release the RESET button. The device reboots. (Pressing the button for longer than 5 seconds will restore the device to factory defaults.)
  3. The status LED will keep blinking normally for a couple seconds until the unit resets. Then the status light will stay solid while the device reboots. Once finished, the status will resume blinking normally.

    The Conduit mLinux Model is shown. The RESET button is in the the same location on both Conduit models.