MTCDT-247 Models Power Draw

MTCDT-LEU1-247 with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and No Accessory Cards

Radio Protocol Idle Cellular Call Box Connection No Data Average Measured Current at Max Power (Wi-Fi WAN Active Internet Upload/Download)1 TX Pulse  (AVG) Amplitude Current for GSM850 or Peak Current for HSDPA/LTE Total Inrush Charge Measured Total Inrush Charge Duration During Powerup (Inrush Duration)
9.0 Volts
EGSM 900 MHz 283 mA 635 mA 1.30 Amps 4.87 mC 9.7 mS
LTE 296 mA 850 mA 952 mA 4.87 mC 9.7 mS
12.0 Volts
EGSM 900 MHz 220 mA 490 mA 928 mA 4.2 mC 8.5 mS
LTE 232 mA 675 mA 748 mA 4.2 mC 8.5 mS
24.0 Volts
EGSM 900 MHz 124 mA  258 mA 385 mA 3.65 mC 17.9 mS
LTE 131 mA  343 mA 420 mA 3.65 mC 17.9 mS

1Maximum Power: The continuous current during maximum data rate with the radio transmitter at maximum power.

2Peak Tx Current: The average peak current during an GSM850 transmission burst period  or HSDPA connection. The transmission burst duration for GSM850 can vary, depending on what transmission scheme is being deployed (GPRS Class 8, Class 10, GSM, etc.).

3Total Inrush Charge: The total inrush charge at power.

Note: Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. recommends that you incorporate a 10% buffer into the power source when determining product load.

Accessory Card Power Draw

If using an MultiConnect® mCard™ with the Conduit, factor your mCard’s power draw into your calculations.