Installing a Mini SIM Card

You need:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Mini SIM card (2FF form factor)

To install or replace the SIM card:

  1. Disconnect power to the Conduit, if it is connected.
  2. At the front of the Conduit housing, remove the screw that secures the nameplate to the Conduit and remove the nameplate.
  3. Locate the SIM card holder in the upper right corner of the opening. If a SIM card is installed and needs to be removed, slide it out of the SIM card holder.
  4. Gently push the new SIM card into SIM card holder face up with the cut corner to the right and the SIM contacts facing toward the Conduit’s interior.
  5. If not installing a battery or micro SD card, reattach the MultiTech nameplate to the Conduit using the screw removed in Step 2.