Install and Connect Conduit Hardware

To install and cable the device:

  1. Install a Mini SIM card.
  2. Install a Micro SD card (optional).
  3. Install a battery (optional).
  4. Connect the supplied antenna to the CELL connector on the back of the device.*
  5. Use the Ethernet connector to connect the Conduit to the device used to administer the Conduit.
  6. Install any mCard accessory cards into a slot at the back of the device. Refer to Installing an mCard Accessory Card.
  7. Depending on the accessory card type, attach any antennas or cables for use with the card.
  8. Connect the power cord to an outlet or power strip and to the power adapter.
  9. Connect the power adapter to the barrel jack on the back panel of the device. The Power LED comes on immediately after power is applied. Wait for the Status LED to begin blinking.