Conduit LED Descriptions

Conduit mLinux Model Front Panel


Conduit Application Model Front Panel



Label Name Description
PWR Power Solid (constant) green if unit is on indicating that DC power is present.
STATUS Power Status LED on solid during bootup; LED blinks fast heartbeat when OS is fully loaded.
LS Link Status Varies with radio model (see description below).
A-B-C-D These 4 LEDs are user-defined. Present on the Conduit mLinux model only.
CD Carrier Detect This LED is on solid when a cellular data connection is made. Present on the Conduit Application model only.
Signal Signal Strength These 3 LEDs display the strength of the cellular signal. Present on the Conduit Application model only.

If a cellular radio such as EV3, H5, LAT1, LVW2, LAT3, LVW3, LNA3, or LDC3, is installed, the typical LS (Link Status) LED behavior is the following:

  • OFF — No power to the cellular radio
  • Continuously Lit — Not registered
  • Slow Blink (-0.2Hz) — Registered or connected

On the back of the Conduit, the RJ-45 Ethernet LEDs (located at the bottom of the connector) are defined as follows:

  • Orange LED (lower-left) indicates activity/link. Blinks when there is transmit and receive on the Ethernet link. It shows a steady light when there is a valid Ethernet connection.
  • Green LED (lower-right) indicates link speed. Lit when Ethernet is linked at 100 Mbps. If not lit, Ethernet is linked at 10 Mbps.