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    Eric Tsai

    I’d like to collect more statistics around cellular connectivity health. When I run PSNT, I get feedback on whether I”m on LTE or 3G for the LAT3 (CAT-1 Dragonfly module). Specifically, I’d like to determine the active band (frequency) being used.

    So, the 4 from PSNT tells me I’m on LTE.

    #PSNT: 0,4

    Then I get this result from RFSTS:

    #RFSTS: “310 410″,2175,-108,-80,-9.5,4604,01,0,128,19,1,4EE7917,”310410890606729″,”AT&T”,3,4,720,3240

    According to datasheet, the active band field (“ABND”) corresponds to “4EE7917″.

    Am I looking at the correct field?

    How do I convert “4EE7917″ to some kind of LTE band or frequency?

    Here’s a better breakdown of the fields label:


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