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    Brian Scarboro

    Faxing files using the web API … PDFs and text files are faxing OK, but tiff and ps are not. For tiff and ps, I get “Preprocessing error (unable to convert file ‘’)”.

    Anyone seen this and have a fix or workaround?


    Darrik Spaude

    Hi Brian,

    We have seen this and we are still working on a resolution. However, the usual culprit is PDF files with compression schemes not currently supported by the FaxFinder. In your case maybe the same is going on, but with TIFF and PS.

    I created a case for you in our Support Portal so that we can add you to the list of those who will be notified of a fix.


    Brian Scarboro

    OK, thank you for that. Do you have a list of what the supported compression schemes are for PDF (for FF440)? Is it possible to convert a PDF from one compression scheme to another?


    Scott Taylor

    I see this thread is over three years old so this may be a shot in the dark. Did this ever get fixed? WE just got some Preprocessing error (unable to convert file….) errors over here and am wondering if it’s caused by the same PDF compression issue


    Mike Gadda

    Hi Scott, Which model of Faxfinder do you have and do you have it updated to the latest firmware? That’s a good place to start in eliminating preprocessing errors. If there are particular documents still causing errors and you are running updated firmware you can open a case in the support portal and attach file(s) it has problems with. Then we can look at these and investigate why it is failing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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