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    Michael Mitchell

    My uplinks are being limited to 11 bytes of payload after a join. I understand the first downlinks are supposed to set channel masks, and the ADR, so we were doing two empty unconfirmed packets after a join. Since I have set minDatarate=3, my expectation is that after a join I start on DR3.

    But I read it takes 6 packets to establish the data rate with current lora-network-server versions. http://www.multitech.net/developer/forums/topic/adr-edge-case-endians/

    Must I really send 6 packets to get the datarate set to my defined minimum? Or is there a better way?


    Jason Reiss

    The application can send an ADRLinkReq to the end-device to set the datarate.
    Using port 0 MAC commands can be sent, send 0330ff0001 to set to DR3 and first 8 channels enabled. The mask will need to match the configured channels.

    Or the device can be configured to use DR3.
    The ADR algorithm may reduce the datarate if there are issues receiving downlinks. This may cause your device to be unable to transmit a larger payload. Your end-device may need to enforce a minimum datarate to avoid being stranded.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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